About Hombisa

Hombisa, “to decorate” in Xhosa, was founded in 2008 by Vincent Lourens and is located in the quiet beauty of the historic Cape Dutch quarter of Stellenbosch.

Vincent has been developing and expanding his skills for the last 18 years and has created a unique and instantly recognisable style drawn from the broad array of his interests, influences and inspirations. The term ‘goldsmith’ feels too narrow for someone who marries the diverse beauty and quality of a rich collection of materials from exotic woods and semi-precious stones to the traditional jewellery staples of gold and silver with precious stones and diamonds.

While the designs have an African feel they are as fresh and original as the Hombisa location is old and traditional. This juxtaposition of new and old, traditional and innovative is an integral part of the identity of Hombisa. Vincent’s love and appreciation of fine art and beauty have inspired him to create a space for other artists and mediums and Hombisa feels more like a fine art gallery than a jewellery workshop.

Model shots by Eva van Niekerk PhotOriginal