Space in Your Hands: The Milky Way Technique

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
Vincent van Gogh

The source of inspiration for many of the jewellery pieces in the Hombisa collection comes straight from nature. Whether it is a fern leaf, an ocean wave or a sea shell, anything can serve as a starting point to create something new and unique. This process allows one to make powerful items of adornment – jewellery that evokes feelings and emotions in those who wear it and see it, similar to fine art.

During a star studded night in 2007, Vincent decided that he wanted to capture the feeling of looking up at the Milky Way in a simple pendant.  After many experiments, what he eventually developed was what is now called the ‘Milky Way’ technique. Working with a selection of exotic and African hard woods, holes as tiny as 0.2mm are drilled which are then painstakingly filled with precious metal wire one hole at a time. The effect this creates is similar to looking at the scattering of stars in the African night sky.

What began with an idea for a single pendant has become a signature look of many of Vincent’s pieces. It’s subtle and mesmerizing effect has helped to create many unique earrings, bangles, rings and recently even an African Fabergé egg.



Yellow diamond center pendant set in African blackwood with gold and silver trim